Between emotion and energy

There can’t be a better first blog post than starting with the best concert of the year. I know we are only in March but I don’t believe there will be a better one this year. ( I’m being really objective here :] )

I was really lucky being invited by a friend to the Meet & Greet with Mike. Thank you Kerstin & Dave <3. These are the moments and you remember your whole life. Only negative aspect of the Meet & Great, was that it was rushed a bit since we got in 30 mins late. But I still manage to chat for a bit, get the best hug of my life and a signature on my old Minutes to Midnight shirt!

The concert was in one word amazing.

Mike started with his old school Fort Minor song “Petrified” the get the already hyped crowd going even more crazy. I was surprised by how many LP songs were performed. Between ” When They Come For Me “,”Road Untraveled”,”Castle of Glass” and the classics “Numb” and “In The End” , Mike managed the get the perfect mix between old and new and LP or Fort Minor. Mike managed and his band managed this perfectly. Also worth noting were the very interesting with different versions of the songs played on different notes or rhythms.

Also shout out to everyone in there for singing with all their hearts and making Chester prowd! Best crowd I have ever witnessed here in small Luxembourg.

To finish of this small blog post my favorite part of the show. In the End with the crowd singing Chester’s part.
Tried my best to not shake while filming, hope you enjoy :


Also some of my pictures :

Mike <3

Miss you Chester <3